Imagine earning an associate degree before earning your high school diploma! CCTC’s Early College and Dual Enrollment programs allow high school students to earn college credit by taking college courses during their junior and senior years of high school. Eligible students must demonstrate, through placement tests, that they qualify for college-level classes. They must also apply and be accepted into CCTC. For highly motivated students, it may be possible to finish an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree by the time they graduate high school.


  • Save on college tuition costs
  • Shorten the overall time spent in college
  • May improve high school GPA
  • Experience college expectations
  • Make a smooth transition from a secondary to post-secondary school

Potentially have a two-year degree or certificate completed by high school graduation

Types of Dual Enrollment at CCTC


University Transfer Track

These students take two or more university core classes a semester for transfer to a four-year college after high school.

Early College

These students are degree-seeking dual-enrolled students. They work to complete their Associate in Arts or Science by their high school graduation date.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

These students seek certificates or degrees from the career and technical education programs offered at CCTC. CTE students can be workforce ready at the completion of a CTE certificate or degree.

Placement Requirements

Students have three ways to place into the CCTC Dual Enrollment program.

  1. Transcript Placement
  2. PSAT/SAT, PreACT/ACT scores
  3. Accuplacer Test

Tuition Cost

The South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance covers tuition for students taking six credit hours or more per semester. Textbooks and fees vary by school district. Please contact your high school for additional information.

College Transfer Credits

To learn about the transferability of credits to South Carolina public, private, and technical colleges and out-of-state colleges, please contact:

Youth Apprenticeship Program at CCTC

The Youth Apprenticeship program at Central Carolina is a rigorous program for high school students who combine job-related education with mentored on-the-job learning with a local employer. As a youth apprentice, you will receive education and skills while earning a paycheck. Upon successful completion, you will have highly sought-after skills and experience that could make your career possibilities limitless.

Student Benefits

  • Academic credit toward a CCTC program of study
  • Credential from the U.S. Department of Labor
  • Work experience

For more information, please call the Dual Enrollment  Office at 843-661-8025 or visit