Associate Degree Nursing Students Photo

Everyone knows that the medical field can be both financially and personally rewarding. What most people may not know is how many great medical careers require a two-year degree or less.

The annual wage for healthcare practitioners and related professionals:

Bottom 10%: $35,580
Median wage: $69,870
Top 10%: $148,720

For every doctor in the medical field, there are over half a dozen jobs requiring a two-year degree or less.

Healthcare employment is projected to increase 15% in the next 10 years. 2.4 million new jobs!

The aging population is driving the huge growth in healthcare.

The following healthcare careers are projected to see the greatest growth in the next decade, according to national labor data:

Medical Record Coding
$44,090 Median Salary

8% Projected Growth


Associate Degree Nursing
$75,330 Median Salary

7% Projected Growth



Medical Assisting
$35,850 Median Salary
Projected Growth


Surgical Technology
$49,710 Median Salary
7% Projected Growth




Massage Therapy
$43,620 Median Salary

21% Projected Growth




Job growth and salary information based on national data collected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021.