Established in 1977, the Foundation was created to support CCTC in the development and growth of quality educational programs for area residents. The Foundation was also designed to assists in encouraging partnerships between all levels of education as well as business and industry. Such support and assistance may include student scholarships, professional development for college personnel and to build the Foundation’s endowment for future generations. Since being established, the Foundation has provided more than 4,000 students with scholarships totaling more than $2.1 million.

The CCTC Foundation scholarship application is open from January through mid-March annually. Students must have applied and been accepted to CCTC to apply for a CCTC Foundation scholarship. The minimum criteria are the student must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of a 2.0, and the student must be enrolled in at least six credit hours. Scholarships are awarded based on funds available, donor specific criteria and Scholarship Committee review. Scholarship funds may not be used for transitional courses or transient students.

The Foundation is operated exclusively for charitable educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. This Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees separate from the Area Commission for Central Carolina Technical College and is dedicated to expanding the goals and mission of the college.

Foundation Scholarships:

  • Anna Lee Edwards, RN Nursing Scholarship
  • Barbara Wells Educational Scholarship
  • Loretta Barr Memorial Scholarship
  • Carlyle Baxley Scholarship
  • Central Carolina Technical College Area Commission Scholarship
  • Central Carolina Technical College Faculty and Staff Memorial Endowment
  • Central Carolina Technical College Foundation
  • Central Carolina Technical College Foundation Board
  • Central Carolina Technical College Foundation, Project
  • Central Carolina Technical College Foundation, Special
  • Central Carolina Technical College Foundation Veterans Scholarship
  • Central Carolina Technical College Nursing Scholarship
  • Central Carolina Technical College Scholarship
  • Charles Purdy Macdonald, Jr. Scholarship
  • Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. In Honor of Stuart Cogsdill, Founder
  • Courtney Anne Bell Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. and Mrs. Milton Weinberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Milton Weinberg, MD and Ethel H. Weinberg, RN)
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in honor of Elizabeth Caulkins, RN
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in honor of Fair Edmunds, RN
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wendell M. Levi Jr. Nursing Scholarship through the Tuomey Foundation in memory of Frances Driver, RN
  • Dr. S. Perry Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • E.C. “Red” Kneece Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Bastedo “Ms. B” Memorial Scholarship
  • Elly’s Gift Scholarship
  • Environmental Scholars Endowment
  • Evening Pilot Club of Sumter – Judy H. Rorick Scholarship
  • Friend’s of Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden
  • Gene Boyle Brading Endowment
  • Gene Haas Scholarship
  • Jack Hossink Memorial Scholarship
  • Jordan United Methodist Church Scholarship
  • Kevin Wayne Ardis Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Club of Sumter
  • Lawrence Knox and Barbara Hart Knox Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Leonard E. Blomquist Memorial Endowment.
  • Lions Club of Sumter
  • Margie V. Brunson Scholarship
  • McCoy Memorial Endowment
  • Meritor, Inc. Scholarship Endowment
  • Miley Endowment
  • P.E.O. Scholarship Chapter Q
  • Pilot Club of Sumter
  • Reader Mood McCoy Foundation Scholarship
  • Robert Marye, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Rosefield Endowment
  • Rotary Club of Sumter
  • Rotary Club of Sumter Palmetto
  • Rotary Club of Sumter Sunrise
  • Ruth and David Martin Scholarship
  • SAFE Federal Credit Union
  • Second Look Charities
  • Second Look Charities – Mildred Yvonne Williams Scholarship
  • Sheheen, Hancock & Godwin, LLP. Scholarship
  • Fred R. Sheheen Memorial Scholarship
  • Sumter Clarendon Lee Medical Alliance
  • Sumter Clarendon Lee Medical Society
  • Sumter Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Susan Witkowski Scholarship
  • Thelma and Mary F. Sumter Aspiring Nursing Scholarship
  • Tyler Russell Memorial Scholarship
  • Wallis D Cone, M.D. and Margaret Dickson Cone Scholarship Endowment
  • Water Environment Association of South Carolina
  • Whit Wharton Memorial Endowment
  • William M. Goodwin Memorial Endowment
  • Underwood Fund

Because Someone Cared :

At a young age, CCTC student and Sumter native Tommy Pillsbury was left to carry the weight of providing all of the financial support for his family. He thought college was out of the question and planned to go to work. After a little advice and counseling, he realized that college was possible at CCTC because he could continue to work while in school.

After two years of studies, an internship at Eaton Corporation and two much -needed scholarships from the CCTC Foundation, Tommy graduated with honors. And although he could easily get a job with the Associate Degree he’s earned from CCTC, he’s considering continuing at the University of South Carolina or Clemson University to pursue engineering.

Because someone cared, Tommy can imagine more goals larger than he ever thought possible. For that, we say thank you!

Scholarships received:

Goodwin Memorial Endowment Scholarship (Academic Year 20219-2020)
Gene Haas Foundation Scholarship (Academic Year 2020-2021)